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  • January Shelter Dog Sponsorship: Meet Cleo

    Posted on January 10 2018

    Meet Cleo, a poodle with a crooked face. She was found at a high kill shelter all dirty, matted and crammed into a cage. Not her best day to say the least.  Love...

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  • Real Simple Magazine December 2017 Featuring Happy Spritz

    Posted on December 04 2017

    Thanks to Real Simple Magazine for featuring our Sweet Dreams Darling towelettes in their December 2017 holiday issue.

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  • BC Living December 2017 | Gifts that Give Back

    Posted on November 27 2017

    Thanks for including us BC Living in your holiday 2017 Gifts that Give Back Gift Guide! Shop our Sweet Dreams Darling here

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  • Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

    Posted on November 12 2017

    Good Morning Beautiful is one of our most popular aromatherapy Spritz blends and it's not hard to see why.  It's  packed full of a powerful mix of pure + organic citrus...

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  • HOW TO: Make Spritzing a Part of Your Daily Routine

    Posted on October 04 2017

    HOW TO: MAKE SPRITZING A PART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE Run. Sleep. Walk. Sweat. Breathe. We have created our products to take you through your busy day from morning to night and everything...

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  • Introducing our New Essential Oil Towelettes

    Posted on August 09 2017

    Introducing Our Luxe Essential Oil Towelette Collection We have taken three of our top selling Spritz and transformed them into easy to carry and refreshing essential oil towelettes to take you throughout your day....

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  • Julianne Hough Wedding in People Mag feat. Happy Spritz

    Posted on July 24 2017

    We were beyond thrilled when Julianne Hough personally asked to include our Sweet Dreams Darling Mini Spritz in her wedding guests welcome bag!    All of the details of her...

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  • The Benefits Behind Essential Oils

    Posted on July 19 2017

    THE POWER BEHIND THE ESSENTIAL OILS WE USE  — For thousands of years, essential oils have been used and praised not only for their aromatic profiles but also for their healing...

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    Posted on November 23 2016

    2016 GIFTS THAT GIFT BACK 1. FOUND MY ANIMAL - This Brooklyn based company gives back to Animal Rescue in a big way with their utilitarian and stylish assortment of handmade roped...

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    Posted on February 26 2016

      Logically, this is not something we should get behind. Being a man, even a well-groomed man, is about focusing on what’s important and eschewing that which is superfluous. Moisturizer, pomade,...

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  • Finding Balance with Essential Oils

    Posted on February 11 2016

    Life can be crazy + chaotic at times so finding balance can be a very tricky thing to master, but it is something that is needed for both your own sanity...

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  • The Benefits of Essential Oils for Dogs

    Posted on August 10 2015

    By: Michelle Cassidy   Lavender Essential Oil is Calming and Soothing for pups + people alike     Ahhh, essential oils—they’re simply amazing. With their almost endless amount of uses, they...

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  • Beat the Heat

    Posted on July 22 2015

    July is well underway and with temperatures on the rise, summer is officially in full force. While flocking to the pool, beach or lake may be the dreamy way to...

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  • What To Pack For Wanderlust | Namaste Ninja

    Posted on July 03 2015

    With the summer festival season well underway Lululemon posted a great guide for how and what to pack for a yoga festival. They included a bottle of our Namaste Ninja...

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  • Happy Canada Day | Gift Guide by Jillian Harris

    Posted on July 01 2015

    The Ever so lovely Jillian Harris included our Camp Fire Delight Happy Spritz in her Canada Day Gift Guide!  We are proud that every product on our site is...

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  • Parents Canada // Father's Day Gift Guide

    Posted on May 18 2015

    We were honored to see our Woodsy Lumberjack blend on Parents Canada as a favourite gift for dad this Father's Day. Woodsy Lumberjack is a balanced blend of cedarwood + pine essential oils,...

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  • Flare Magazine // Scents Appeal feat. Happy Spritz

    Posted on May 04 2015

      We were so honored to be included in Flare Magazine's April issue, highlighting our best selling, Essentials Trio.  Our Essentials Trio is the perfect combo of facial spritz to...

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  • Lululemon Feature // Good Morning Beautiful

    Posted on February 25 2015

      Honored to be included in Lululemon's Blog on transitional gym gear, showcasing our Good Morning Beautiful blend writing, "with strong citrus notes, the Good Morning, Beautiful aromatherapy blend by Happy...

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  • Fur Crying Out Loud // A Movement for Animals

    Posted on January 05 2015

    Being a voice for animals is one of our biggest passions so we were honored to be a part of Big Love Ball's Fur Crying Out Loud Movement.  We were...

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  • Lululemon Feature // Namaste Ninja

    Posted on January 04 2015

    Lululemon Blog Post featuring Happy Spritz Namaste Ninja Blend.   Namaste Ninja is a powerful antibacterial mix of Tea Tree + Eucalyptus essential oils which make it your perfect go...

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  • Lululemon Feature // From Yoga to Street

    Posted on December 26 2014

    "Dash into the studio, then slow it right down pre-class with a long inhale of Happy Spritz’s Breathe Deeply."  Thank you Lululemon for featuring our Breathe Deeply blend in your...

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  • Gift Guide For The Ladies - By Jillian Harris

    Posted on November 30 2014

    Jillian Harris is not only a major style icon and an amazing designer but she is also a voice for homeless youth by raising awareness + money for The Covenant House.  She...

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  • Lululemon Feature // Gift Guide

    Posted on November 15 2014

      We were beyond thrilled to be featured in Lululemon's - it's the little things that make the season bright - Blog post this month!  "Delight, energize, refresh or relax with...

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  • Woodsy Lumberjack Supports Movember

    Posted on November 01 2014

    Guys! Channel your inner Woodsy Lumberjack this month!  To support MOVEMBER we will be donating $1 for every Woodsy Lumberjack Spritz purchased through our website (+ Free shipping over $50 in...

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  • The Science Behind Aromatherapy

    Posted on September 26 2014

    Aromatherapy is defined as:  a form of alternative medicine that uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering one's...

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  • CTV Helps Dog Rescue Efforts

    Posted on September 07 2014

    Every 3 weeks the rescue group, Big and Small Rescue out of Vancouver saves 20-25 dogs from a high kill shelter in Southern CA (you can read more about their...

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  • Free Shipping on Purchases over $50

    Posted on August 10 2014

    Great news!  We are now offering FREE SHIPPING for all Spritz purchases over $50, currently only within Canada.  Stay tuned for US shipping updates, we hope to add this soon...

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  • Spritzing: It's a thing.

    Posted on August 07 2014


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  • The Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

    Posted on July 19 2014

    Good Morning Beautiful is one of our most popular aromatherapy Spritz blends and it's not hard to see why.  It's  packed full of a powerful mix of pure + organic citrus...

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  • BC Living Online Gift Guide

    Posted on June 15 2014

    Happy Father's Day to all of you dads out there (pup parents count too)!  Happy Spritz was recently featured in BC Living online father's day gift guide.  We are blushing + feel...

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  • Lululemon Lab + Happy Spritz

    Posted on June 06 2014

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  • Litchfield + Happy Spritz

    Posted on May 01 2014

    We are very excited to launch a selection of Spritz at Litchfield the Shop, located in the Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver.  Litchfield carries a great selection of quality goods made of unique...

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  • 12.2013 | December Giving

    Posted on January 06 2014

        During the month of December we were able to donate 23 rain coats + sweaters for all of the pups over at Muttville, an amazing senior dog rescue out of...

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