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CTV Helps Dog Rescue Efforts

Every 3 weeks the rescue group, Big and Small Rescue out of Vancouver saves 20-25 dogs from a high kill shelter in Southern CA (you can read more about their efforts in our last blog post here).  Last week we signed up to foster, Lola, a 1.5 year old chihuahua mix from Big and Small Rescue and she was set to arrive with a group of 25 other rescued animals.   They were set to arrive last Saturday August 30th but the Tuesday before the transportation company that Big and Small Rescue works with got into an accident on the way to the shelter and were unable to pick up the 25 dogs that they were saving. The shelter was unable to hold these dogs for much longer so a Vancouver volunteer dropped everything to rent a van and drive all the way down to Southern California to pick up the 25 stranded dogs before the shelter would put them down.

As soon as we heard about this dilemma Happy Spritz contacted the Vancouver news station CTV to try to get a story out, not only raise awareness about high kill shelters, animal adoptions and how to become a foster.  We wanted to get the community support in helping Big and Small Rescue gather funds and donations so they can purchase their own transportation van. If they had their own vehicle they would be able to save more dogs and they wouldn't be at the mercy of another company. 


CTV Story : 

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