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Finding Balance with Essential Oils

Life can be crazy + chaotic at times so finding balance can be a very tricky thing to master, but it is something that is needed for both your own sanity and your own well being. Juggling work, family and friends, all while trying to find some much needed time for yourself can be difficult but essential oils can actually play an important role. 

Finding Balance

Many pure, plant based essential oils can actually trigger your mind to find that middle ground. We have tried to make it easy on you and balance as a function was very important to us when we created our Happy Spritz Collection.  We have created a different blend in our line that will take you through your entire day, from morning to night and finding balance in the madness of the day was a problem that we wanted to solve!

You can apply the oils topically (diluting the essential oil with coconut oil) and rubbing them on your pulse points and bottoms of your feet. Also make sure you are using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils




Happy Spritz Collection of Luxe Aromatherapy


BREATHE DEEPLY - this is a best seller for a reason!  Amazing for dealing with stress throughout the day.  This peppermint blend is soothing, cooling and invigorating.

GOOD KARMA - Rose essential oil has been around for centuries and is known for its balancing properties.  Great for your skin & your mind. 

SWEET DREAMS DARLING - Whether you are needing to find peace in the middle of your hectic day or trying to relax before you go to bed this would be the lavender blend to try.

WOODSY LUMBERJACK - Cedarwood is another known balancing essential oil that can have a calming effect on your mind.

RUGGED GENTLEMAN - A spicy + seductive blend of Patchouli essential oil which can have uplifting, balancing and grounding effect on emotions.